The Gospel According to Frank (reviews and how to order)

a poem sequence

This poem sequence merges elements of Frank Sinatra‘s public persona with Biblical and mythological representations of divinity. As a gospel narrating Sinatra‘s life from birth to death, the poems use (and misuse) styles and forms from Greek mythology, the Old and New Testaments, the eighth-century Irish epic Tain Bo Cuailnge, and the Welsh medieval tales of The Mabinogi, such as gnomic utterance, symbolic narratives, parables, proverbs, and psalms.

This edition adds new poems to those in the original 2003 edition, along with a foreword by Frank Sinatra expert Gilbert Gigliotti, author of A Storied Singer: Frank Sinatra as Literary Conceit. The Gospel According to Frank.

To order: New American Press or

Of interest to fans of poetry about Sinatra: an anthology of poems about Sinatra, edited by Gilbert Gigliotti.

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